The Crypto Geeks help new entrants to the crypto space make their first crypto purchase and we're available by phone 24/7/365 because it's just better to talk when you need help.

Who We Are

The Crypto Geeks started in 2011. Now there are 18 Crypto Geeks at OffshoreInn.com.

Do You Pay Tax?

We’re not keen on taxation but we abide by all the laws of the 12 different countries we live in.

Can You Avoid Tax In Crypto?

You can avoid taxation on your crypto profit in most jurisdictions with our help.

24/7/365 Really?

Yes. When you become a Geek News member you receive a local telephone number for contact.

Why Did You Start Crypto Geeks?

OffshoreInn.com started in 2006 advising high net worth clients globally and by 2010 more and more people were asking us about bitcoin.

In 2011 we were retained to advise on a trading strategy for bitcoin and the Crypto Geeks started helping existing clients make their first crypto investments. An education only crypto programme is now provided to all retail investors worldwide for a low fixed annual cost of £199.

“We started mining bitcoin and were inundated for advice. Our founder came from a fee paying background and we had an established HNW client base so it escalated quickly from there. ”

“There is no doubt whatsoever that the price of bitcoin will exceed £1M in my lifetime – I’m 26 and Chief Crypto Geek. Our mission is to get another 100K Geek News readers to invest in bitcoin.”

“ We have only scratched the surface to encourage early adopters to get involved with bitcoin. I am of the opinion that institutional interest now drives the price of bitcoin.”