Bitcoin Holders Among Young US Investors More Than Quadrupled, Gallup Poll Says

Bitcoin Holders Among Young US Investors More Than Quadrupled, Gallup Poll Says | Skip to content

July 24, 2021 0

Mind Music: A Rug Pull Proof DeFi Project Working to Bring Awareness Around Mental Health

Mental health is still a taboo subject as not many who suffers from it silently ever comes out in the open to share their problems or seek medical help. One of the key reasons for that is the lack of awareness among the general masses on how to deal with and help people suffering from…
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July 23, 2021 0

A New Era of Storage Network StorX Hits its Milestone in Short Span

StorX is one of the fast-growing, globally recognized decentralized cloud storage networks. It’s time to celebrate everything StorX has achieved so far. Looking back, StorX achieved many key milestones. Now, let’s take a look at some of the things they achieved together. This ever-growing platform has gained over 100,000 users, nearly 240 farm/storage nodes, and…
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July 22, 2021 0

What Is the Most Robust Investment in a Bear Market? Mining!

Bitcoin has plummeted by half since it reached a peak of $64,500 in April this year. Currently, its price stands at around 32,000, and other mainstream tokens have also dropped by 70% to 80%. Judging from the overall trend, we can predict that Bitcoin is unlikely to go through a  bull market in the near…
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July 21, 2021 0

Seascape Network & Binance NFT Release Exclusive Zombie Mystery Box NFTs

Bitcoin Press Release: Seascape Network will collaborate with Binance NFT to release new limited edition zombie mystery box NFTs. 20th July 2021, SINGAPORE – Leading DeFi and NFT gaming platform Seascape Network is working with Binance NFT, enabling the integration of BSC for exclusive NFTs from their upcoming Zombie game series on the brand new…
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July 20, 2021 0

Grayscale Eyes DeFi, Launches First DeFi Fund

Michael Sonnenshein, the CEO of digital asset management giant Grayscale, has announced a new investment vehicle aimed at decentralized financial assets (DeFi). Grayscale Eyes DeFi Grayscale, the world’s largest crypto asset manager, is expanding its crypto product offering with the launch of its new Defi Fund, which is the firm’s first of its kind. The…
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July 19, 2021 0

4 Reasons Why The Bitcoin Lightning Network Will Continue To Grow

The Bitcoin second layer payment protocol Lightning Network has been exponentially increasing its capacity during the past years. Since it was launched in 2018, the network’s capacity has gone from under 1,000 BTC to 1,800 BTC. The Lightning Network was first proposed in 2015 and operates with payment channels to allow users to send and…
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July 17, 2021 0

Get a Load of This: Wicked Cranium’s NFTs have Crossed $8 million in Sales

The non-fungible token industry is firing on all cylinders thanks to innovative projects. The number of sales is skyrocketing week over week, and new ventures pop up regularly. Wicked Cranium is a relatively new project, but one that seemingly has tremendous potential for the future. NFT Sales Continue To Boom All across the non-fungible token…
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July 17, 2021 0

Why Does Bitcoin Turn Bearish as Inflation Spike?

Bitcoin price once again tested the $33,000 level but failed – the biggest cryptocurrency by market cap is now hovering at $32,500 and well below the 55 simple moving average (4-hours). Meanwhile, the stock markets continue to make new highs and the United States economy makes a remarkable recovery, with the latest government data showing…
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July 16, 2021 0

This Assurance Layer Is Giving Institutions the Confidence to Enter DeFi Without Worrying About Frauds or Accidental Transactions

Institutional participation is key to unlocking the future growth of DeFi. But without a proven dispute resolution mechanism, DeFi is too risky for institutions. Astra eliminates that risk. “What got you here won’t get you there.” When author Marshall Goldsmith wrote it, he was referring to how successful people can achieve even more success and…
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July 15, 2021 0