The Crypto Geeks help new entrants to the crypto space make their first crypto purchase and we're available by phone 24/7/365 because it's just better to talk when you need help.

Why Choose Crypto Geeks?

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and DLTs can challenge the status quo and deliver change. Our process provides support to your business from start to finish.

How Do We Help?

Get your business ready. We offer initial advice for those creating a new cryptocurrency, adding blockchain or building a decentralised consensus system.

May We Be Your Partner?

We can help you understand this emerging market and find the strategies and technologies your business needs to succeed. We view our role as a partnership.

How Fast Can You Change?

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are changing everything. We help companies build the assets of the future. Crypto Geeks will be your partner from the start.

Crypto Geeks

1. Expert Advice

We offer initial advice for those creating a new cryptocurrency, adding blockchain or building a decentralised consensus system for their operations.

Whether you are an established business in the process of migrating your operations to a new technology; looking to add a new service to your existing portfolio of offerings; or your business is currently in the start-up phase looking to launch a new technology, we are confident we can help you achieve success.

2. Supported Journey

Our process provides support to your business from start to finish, ensuring we deliver a completed product or ecosystem.

Moreover, we can provide guidance and support on the decision regarding what technology your business needs, as well as the scope of the market and what to be aware and wary of on implementation.

With guided decision making throughout, the customer is always in a clear and fully advised position with a well-defined view of where their strategy lies.

3. Partnership

We view our role with clients as one of partnership, as we believe a close relationship ensures a better final outcome in any stage of our clients’ journeys.

Furthermore, close involvement during software development guarantees a clear development path and smooth technology delivery, benefiting your business and resulting in a successful solution.

Crypto Geeks will be your partner from the start, and we can support you through every step of the way.

4. Resource Specialists

Founded in 2011, Crypto Geeks has some of the farthest-reaching networks in the cryptocurrency sphere.

As we have access to experts in a number of key fields including development, architecture, cryptography, compliance and marketing, we are able to quickly find the right resources for your project.

Bringing the specialist support you will need every step of the way, we can help you weed out unnecessary costs or resources that may not be relevant for the specific needs of your project.

Thinking of a project? Talk to us first. We have the most competitive daily rates available in the crypto space.

“Fintech is no longer just a tale of corporate success. Cryptocurrency lenders and exchanges are slowly giving way to the new hot shot of the class – decentralized finance (DeFi).”

“DeFi is an umbrella term for blockchain-based applications and protocols aiming to replace traditional financial intermediaries like banks and brokerages.”

“ DeFi has skyrocketed in popularity and market capitalisation – from just over $1 billion in locked value in June 2020 to the current $100 billion and growing fast!”